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B12: Not “Just a Simple Vitamin”

I became aware of my Vitamin B12 deficiency problems the same way most people do — after it started damaging me.

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Flu, SARS, Ebola and Cytokine Storms

With the 1918 flu pandemic, it was not the very young, the very old and the sick that were most at risk, but young, previously healthy adults. The stronger the individual’s immune system, the greater the chance of death.

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Defining Coronary Heart Disease Risk – What About Cholesterol?

The important thing to remember in determining one's risk of heart attack and stroke is that in my opinion — and that of a growing number of experts — your cholesterol level no longer plays a role.

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Rhabdomyolysis - From the London Blitz to Statins

Rhabdomyolysis occurs when muscle — mostly skeletal muscle — rapidly breaks down and enters the bloodstream.  In extreme cases of rhabdomyolysis, the kidneys can fail completely. Untreated, this renal failure usually leads to death.<

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What You Eat Can Prevent Heart Disease

There are several elements of our diets that are essential to the making of our cells and thus to keeping us alive. Food can be a source of pleasure as well as a source of health. 

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The Truth About Trans Fats

Trans fats have been popular with food companies that make processed foods and snacks and in the restaurant industry since the 1950’s. 

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Cholesterol is Not the Culprit

The Statin Damage Crisis

Statin Drugs Side Effects

Lipitor, Thief of Memory

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