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Are Statins Changing the Dynamics of Death?

Once you overcome the pre-maturity factor what good are you doing? You really have to think about this. It is almost like asking, “How would you prefer to die? Heart attack,stroke or cancer?” 

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FAERS Statin Review

FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) Statin Review.
There's been increasing awareness and concern about adverse effects of statin drugs. However, the evidence for this is limited, contradictory and highly debated.

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A Recipe for Alzheimer's

Fructose, Sunscreen, Statins and Flu Shots: a Recipe for Alzheimer's Disease.

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My Statin Story

When I first wrote of my personal side effects of Lipitor, my words were focused purely on transient global amnesia ( TGA .) This is because shortly after this drug was started by my doctors at Johnson Space Center, this is what I experienced.

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Cholesterol is Not the Culprit

The Statin Damage Crisis

Statin Drugs Side Effects

Lipitor, Thief of Memory

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